The Key to Finding the Right Leader is Knowing our Clients.

We have been privileged to partner with initial start-ups, development stage companies and global leaders in the life sciences sector. Each client brings unique and compelling aspects, and we have developed an outstanding ability to find the right candidates who fit best with their needs.


Castle Biosciences

Castle Biosciences develops and commercializes diagnostic and prognostic tests for cancers that provide actionable, tumor-specific information for improved treatment decisions and patient outcomes. Our first test for uveal melanoma, a rare and deadly eye cancer, is used to identify those at high risk for metastasis. With demonstrated improved accuracy over existing staging and prognostic tools, the test has become the standard of care for uveal melanoma and has successfully secured reimbursement. We are using its innovation as a model for our growing lineup of practice-changing tests, including our newer cutaneous (skin) melanoma prognostic assay. We have active development programs for assays in several other underserved cancers.

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