The Key to Finding the Right Leader is Knowing our Clients.

We have been privileged to partner with initial start-ups, development stage companies and global leaders in the life sciences sector. Each client brings unique and compelling aspects, and we have developed an outstanding ability to find the right candidates who fit best with their needs.


Sutro Biopharma, Inc.

Sutro Biopharma, Inc. develops best-in-class antibody drug conjugate and multi-specific antibody-based therapeutics for cancer therapy. Sutro’s discovery and development efforts are driven by the Xpress CF™ platform, a biochemical synthesis system that enables rapid and systematic evaluation of protein structure-activity relationships. Sutro’s make-test cycle for hundreds of protein variants, including those incorporating non-natural amino acids, takes approximately two weeks, enabling broader and deeper biologics discovery and development efforts than can be accomplished with current cell-based expression technologies. Once identified, production of protein drug candidates can be rapidly and predictably scaled in Sutro’s cGMP manufacturing facility. In addition to developing its own drug pipeline, Sutro Biopharma is collaborating with select pharmaceutical and biotech companies to discover and develop novel therapeutics.

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