Our Operating Drivers

  • Sector Focus
  • Simply put, we focus on the life sciences and nothing else. We have spent years studying the markets, companies, technologies, operating styles, language, and cultures involved – thoroughly, meticulously. That means we understand all of your issues so we can effectively represent your company; we understand the key success factors essential in candidates; and we have a very extensive network of contacts.
  • Urgency
  • Timing in the search endeavor is critical, particularly in the life sciences. Caliber commits the appropriate level of resources and effort while balancing the number of concurrent searches within our firm. Every search receives maximum attention and is productive within a quick, responsive time frame. The level of energy and enthusiasm we put to each project is reflected in our deliverables.
  • Professionalism
  • Dignity, confidentiality, respect and frequent communications are paramount for candidates and clients throughout every search. Our search professionals have spent a significant portion of their careers inside major life science organizations, so we know the level of professional conduct that is required. The life sciences industry consists of many small universes so proper etiquette and representation are critical at all times. This is a hallmark of our business and should be for every search firm working in the life sciences.
  • Results
  • The perseverance and persistence to find the right candidate to match a client’s needs without compromise is one-half of our definition of success. The other half is finding that person within the client’s timeframe. Only when we achieve both do we consider a search a true success. These are the results we are committed to deliver with each and every search.

As founder and president, I established these principles as the drivers of our daily operations. I also maintain active involvement in every assignment at Caliber Associates. My principal responsibility at Caliber is to provide the final quality assurance on every search. My fiduciary responsibility is to you, our client. I will always be on call for your company and I will do everything in my power to ensure success.

Steven P. Hochberg