Functional Focus


Once the complex R&D process has been completed, and regulatory approvals have been achieved, we have worked with clients to build their commercial capability. We have conducted strategic searches in Manufacturing, Operations, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Sales Management and Marketing.

Dura Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (now Elan)

Dura Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was a specialty respiratory pharmaceutical and pulmonary drug delivery company. The company developed and marketed prescription pharmaceutical products for the treatment of allergies, asthma, hay fever, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the common cold and related respiratory ailments. Dura was acquired by Elan Pharmaceuticals in 2000.

Search Projects

  • Board Member (3)
  • Vice President, Development
  • Vice President, Quality Systems
  • Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
  • Divisional Vice President, Sales
  • Director, Analytical Chemistry and Development
  • Director, Managed Market Operations
  • Director, Professional Education
  • Director, New Product Development
  • Director, New Product Planning
  • Director, Product Development
  • Director, Regulatory Affairs
  • Regional Director, Sales (2)