Functional Focus


Once the complex R&D process has been completed, and regulatory approvals have been achieved, we have worked with clients to build their commercial capability. We have conducted strategic searches in Manufacturing, Operations, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Sales Management and Marketing.

Delsys, Inc. (now Elan)

Delsys Pharmaceutical Corporation was a development stage start-up company focused on revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry with an automated manufacturing process that eliminates most of the costly procedures presently used in the Pharmaceutical Industry, primarily as it pertains to tablet manufacturing. The company uses a proprietary dry-powder deposition and release technology, first developed by the David Sarnoff Research Center, Inc., to create unprecedented dose-delivery formats using only pure active compounds. Delsys was acquired by Elan.

Search Projects

  • Vice President, Operations
  • Vice President, Research and Development
  • Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs
  • Director, Formulations
  • Director, Regulatory Affairs